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Beadack DCB Company LTD


Beadack DCB Painting Company is a full-service painting company providing professional, high-quality painting solutions at affordable prices. Since 2010, we have provided exceptional painting services for residential and commercial customers. With our team of skilled and experienced professional painters, our mission is to make your next painting project stress-free and affordable. You can count on beautiful, long-lasting results backed by our customer guarantee.


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Our Services

General Painting

When we talk of painting in the country, we are the best. Any kind of painting you want, you will get because we are experienced and have been in the industry for so long.Is your wall a fresh one or an old one? Do not worry change is on the way.

Industrial Painting
Residential Painting

Metallic Epoxy Installation

Metallic epoxy floors can be installed anywhere a truly unique finished floor is desired, from retail establishments, nightclubs and automobile showrooms to residential interiors, backyards and garage floors. When I talk to my customers, it’s critical that I understand what they want or what they need their metallic floor to accomplish. Most don’t really know what goes into a metallic floor. All they know is that they like the pictures they see.

Royal Texture Design

This is a type of painting that makes your room elegant and makes you feel like a royal person. With the variety of royal designs, you can choose the one which suits you. This type of painting comes with it own paint products and special way of using it so why don’t you call the experts to do it for you?

We do it right the first time and do not hesitate to call us.

Wall Papering 3D And 5D

Make your room and interior a nice looking with the latest design of wall papers by our experts.With the ranges of 3D and 5D you can choose the one which you like and it will be done for you. Wallpapers can last up to 25 years and that can save you a lot of money.



Skimming a wall before painting is very important. It has many benefits and one of it is to make the wall smoother and to give you a perfect finish that you desire.


Giving your ceiling the best finish make you feel good and desire your home whenever you are away. With Plaster of paris, we give you any kind of designs that you want.

Texture Painting

Painting your house every season can give you headache and one of the stop loss to that is texture painting.  Give that fresh wall a texture feel.


Graffiato is a type of painting that has been in existence for years. It is one of the best for the tropical sectors due to certain qualities that it comes with. It  is durable and also hard in nature.

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As you begin to plan your next painting project, contact our team at Beadack DCB Painting Company. We will be happy to meet with you to give advice and offer a free quote.