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Beadack DCB Company LTD

General Painting

Residential Exterior Painting

Not all paint is manufactured equal. Residential exterior painting projects are often time consuming and daunting. Knowing what type of paint to use on the exterior of your home is an important step in the painting process. Beadack DCB Company is skilled and experienced in all aspects of residential exterior painting projects. Our expert team of professional painters can help give your home a much-needed upgrade, while helping you choose the right paint for your home. Our residential exterior services include: power washing, raking trenches around your home, masking around windows and other exterior elements, foundation coating with specialized products, scraping chipped paint, repairs, caulking windows, doors, and fascia, priming and painting, trim, garage, entry doors, and metal surfaces. Our team of professionals take extra care during the painting process, ensuring the finished project is held to our highest standards.


Residential Interior Painting

Just allow Beadack DCB Company to make your home shine with our residential exterior painting services. We give your home a fresh look while working in a professional manner,resulting in your home becoming a gem of the neighborhood. We are dedicated to providing top quality customer service and we pride ourselves in being on time for work and cleaning up the mess afterwords so that the only thing to do is to sit back, relax and watch us turn your home into a colorful master piece that your neighbors would envy.

Industrial Painting

Commercial Painting

At Beadack DCB Company, we encourage our commercial customers to take advantage of the extensive experience the Beadack DCB Painting team has in both exterior and interior applications. The team’s experience covers work on many of Accra commercial buildings throughout their 10+ years. Various projects have included private and government office buildings, parking garages, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, and various retail storefronts. Please visit our gallery for examples.

Do you have a building with mildew issues, fading and peeling paint? They can take care of that! They have plenty of experience painting high-rise interiors, office complexes, warehouse interior & exteriors, interior & exterior of church buildings, and town home & condominium complexes.